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3D Models for machine control

Machine control models

We are 3D data specialists and can turn your project design data into 3D models for grade control applications quickly and affordably. 

Stockpile volume + Earthworks calculations

We can accurately calculate material volumes, faster and cheaper than ever before.

Equipment rental

We have a range of machine control and surveying equipment available to rent.

Upload project files for free quote or ready to use 3D data for your machines


Our Services

Machine Control Data

We build 3D models accurately and quickly for all makes and models of machine control systems.

Simply upload your design files online for a free quote or ready to use model so you can start working.

Material volumes and earthworks

Know how much material you have to move before starting a project for accurate quotes. Track material moved on site for efficient use of machinery. Invoice for every single cube of material you moved for maximum profit.

Equipment Rental

If you need to measure for volume calculations or stake out a 3D model we have a range of GPS rovers available at competitive prices.
We also have machine control systems available to rent, even if your equipment is not grade control ready.

Let’s Build Something Together

We work between designers, engineers, drivers and contractors to make sure the process of getting 3D data for you machines is fast, easy and affordable. 

Common questions:
What data is needed for a 3D model?

Generally we need the same data you would send to a surveyor. We usually work from file formats such a dwg, dxf, LandXML, Text files, CSV, PDF and even hand drawn plans but we can work with whatever format your design data is in usually.
You can upload plans online and we will let you know if we need more information.  

What types of machines and formats are supported?

We can export data for all major makes and models of machine control systems. Our data is custom built for the machine it will be used on, for example we would only export a model of a trench to an excavator, and models for dozers and graders are always build with the size of the blade and capabilities of the machine in mind. 
When you order a model from us make sure you let us know what it will be used for and the make and model of machine control system it will be loaded on. If you are unsure please just call us, we will help you figure our what you need.

How are the models checked and how accurate are they?

All models are double checked by our experienced engineers and surveyors. We simulate all models on the machine control system they will be installed in before sending them out and we provide a pdf showing the design file and model overlaid with elevation data so you can see your self all design grades are correct.  

How are revisions dealt with?

Changes during construction are common and we will generally provide small revisions at no extra cost. If the change is substantial then we must bill for it. 

How long will it take to receive a model?

If its a simple model and nothing is missing from the design data, we will often have something ready within a day. 
For a more accurate delivery time, upload your project data and requirements online and we will provide a free quote and let you know how long producing a model will take. 
We aim to get your machines working as soon as possible, so if you need to start working imedietly we can produce just part of a model so you can at least get your machines working. 

Is a site calibration included?

If you have site calibration points we will include a calibration file free of charge. As standard projects are calibrated to the national coordinate system.

Are you available for site visits?

Yes we can visit your site to help get a better understanding of what you need and help solve any problems. We cover the whole of the UK and work around Europe. But we try to keep our work as ‘CAD outsourcing’ by not making unnessasary site visits so we can keep our prices low. So we will try to solve most things remotly. For most clients this works fine. 

How experienced are your staff?

Our team is made up of engineers and surveyors who have been responsible for machine control, construction surveying and 3D models on projects around the world for over 10 years. We have dealt with all sorts of projects and due to clients good experience with our services we are the go to company for many large and small contractors.